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Global vegetation texture upgrade

Airport Type Location Download Size
Global Trees Global 27MB
MBS International Airport: X-Plane 11 Edition
KMBS N43°31'58"

MBS International Airport: X-Plane 11 Edition

Freeland County in Michigan

Airport Type Location Download Size
Small International Airport Michigan 480Mb

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Turbulent’s Environment Packages

Turbulent Designs’ environments offer a high level of standards that’s consistently apparent throughout all of our packages. Each product contains ultra-high detail areas that have been faithfully developed to match their real world counterparts.

Every environment is populated with efficient 3D library objects, each helps to provide a sense of activity close to that of the real location. Immediate areas are enhanced with our new Real Flora technology, consisting of a wide variety of vegetation carefully adapted to match local conditions.

The wider area is improved with points of interest, visual reference points, landmarks and accurate autogen placement.

At the cutting edge

Bespoke Commercial Simulation Packages

Taking away the risk

Simulated training provides a realistic immersive educational experience and valuable practical time for trainees, whilst massively reducing the risk and cost of taking inexperienced individuals into real world situations.

What can be simulated?

Turbulent Designs has experience developing simulated training for the aviation, marine and military sectors. Any subject with high risk and high cost can be simulated to provide a more cost effective and safer learning environment, ensuring all students are more aware of the dangers of the job.

Consultation and design

The Turbulent Designs team consult with you and your subject matter experts, and advise on the best course of action. We analyse your project requirements and conclude which level of simulation package is required.

Training Simulators