Archive: Aug 2017

TERRAFLORA now on short final!

Good afternoon everyone! We’re very pleased to announce that our new high-definition global vegetation update has all but completed beta and will be available to purchase from this Friday, the 1st of September! TERRAFLORA is the next step in our mission to create the best quality vegetation that not only blends seamlessly into our scenery […]

TERRA FLORA Approaching

We’re excited to announce that Terra Flora is currently nearing the end of BETA testing and will be in your hands shortly! We’ve created a selection of screenshots that demonstrate Terra Flora across the globe. There are a lot more screenshots to come, including some from help of friends showing your favourite products! Here are […]

Turbulent Designs KGPI Glacier Park International Airport Announcement

We’re delighted to announce that development on KGPI has begun! KGPI is in Flathead County, Montana, six miles northeast of Kalispell. The airport is owned and operated by the Flathead Municipal Airport Authority, a public agency created by the county in 1974. Why KGPI Glacier Park International Airport? We believe that flight simulation is also […]