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KGPI Glacier Park International Airport now in BETA!

We’re delighted to announce that KGPI is now in BETA! BETA testers will be receiving a build of KGPI imminently, which means we’re only a few weeks from release. We’ll be announcing a specific release date soon! To celebrate this announcement, here are a few shots demonstrating our ground work in Winter/Wet and Summer/Dry. As […]

KGPI Glacier Park International Airport Approaching BETA!

Hey all! KGPI Glacier Park International Airport is now approaching BETA, so that means it’s time for a screenshot blowout! As you’re probably aware by now, KGPI is a P3D v4 exclusive. Why? Because focusing on one platform gives us the luxury of pushing the bar further with our visuals. See for yourself! Join the […]

KGPI Glacier Park International Airport Update

Now that all of the airport assets have been complete, we’re now working on implementing everything in to P3D v4. KGPI is not only our first product exclusive and “native” to P3D v4, but also our biggest project to date. Because if this, we’re planning to take advantage of as many v4 features as possible. […]

KIDA Idaho Falls: X-Plane Edition Released!

We’re delighted to announce the release of KIDA Idaho Falls Regional Airport: X-Plane Edition! Pick it up from the Turbulent Store now while our 20% discount Christmas Sale lasts! Offer ends 31st of December, so get in there while you can! Protected: KIDA Idaho Falls: X-Plane Edition Here are some new screenshots of KIDA in […]

Turbulent Christmas Sale! 20% Off Selected Products!

The Turbulent Christmas Sale starts now! Save 20% on selected products such as TerraFlora, MBS International Airport and KIDA Idaho Falls Regional Airport. Products on sale: TerraFlora KIDA Idaho Falls Regional Airport MBS International Airport L35 Big Bear City Airport Offers end 31st of December, so head to our store now!

Terminal and Airport Updates 27/11/2017

We’ve just released updates for the following products: Turbulent Terminal (v2.4) 2O3 Angwin-Parrett Field (v1.3) L35 Big Bear City Airport (v1.3) MBS International Airport (v1.3) KIDA Idaho Falls International Airport (v1.3) These updates will add documentation for all products and will resolve some installer issues that some customers were experiencing. How do I update? It […]

TerraFlora Update 1.2.0

We’re excited to announce the first big update for TerraFlora! We have also updated our Turbulent Terminal! Important: Please make sure that you update the Turbulent Terminal. The latest version can be downloaded from the main page of our website: You can download the latest TerraFlora installer from your account download page, here: […]

Terminal, 2O3, L35, KMBS & KIDA Updates

The focus for this update is to rework the install process to minimise unnecessary data being installed for the user. As a result, we have moved the SimObject Display Engine installer from the Turbulent Terminal install process to the Airport Scenery install process. This will enable users to install TerraFlora without having to install SODE […]

Upgrades Incoming!

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be releasing updated installers soon! We won’t go in to too much detail now, but you can expect the following updates: Turbulent Terminal Documentation button added for all products SODE installer removed from Turbulent Terminal installer (Benefits TerraFlora customers) Minor bug fixes TerraFlora v1.1.0 Updated BGL file addressing some […]

TERRAFLORA now on short final!

Good afternoon everyone! We’re very pleased to announce that our new high-definition global vegetation update has all but completed beta and will be available to purchase from this Friday, the 1st of September! TERRAFLORA is the next step in our mission to create the best quality vegetation that not only blends seamlessly into our scenery […]