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  3. Invalid License

    Good day! Just bought Terra Flora, However, when installing Terra Flora, I always get the error message "License invalid". Can you please Help with this Problem ? Order Number 9915

    Hey there, Sorry, I didn't get the notification for this thread! I've replied to you at Orbx, here: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/174065-low-fps-kida/ As it's an Orbx product, we'll be handling support there. We'll be cleaning up this forum soon to make this more obvious. Thanks, Russ
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  6. http://www.stabilium.ru/forum/index.php?PAGE_NAME=profile_view&UID=25524 https://lia-ograba-evro.io.ua http://portal.do.mrsu.ru/forum/?PAGE_NAME=profile_view&UID=22314 http://www.kemoko.su/forum/user/351904/ http://portal.do.mrsu.ru/forum/?PAGE_NAME=profile_view&UID=22307

    Hello Everyone. I'll cut to the chase. Had Idaho Falls for a while and never had any issue with it. Ever since updating to 4.4 (and now 4.5) I have been getting pretty bad frame rates at IDA. My usual FPS is 40-45 in VC and 60 outside (even at FlyTampa Vegas). At Idaho falls these values are 28-31 in vc and no more than 45 outside. It's not my rig (i7700k OC 4.9GHz Dual 1080 SLi 16 gb of ram, 500 gb ssd just for p3d). I have tried turning everything off in the ftx control panel but nothing. Even tried the stock f22 and frame rates are about the same. Thought it might have been envshade but updated to latest version, and again I am not having this issue anywhere else. Please help me... Best Regards
  8. No Trees

    Installed Terra flora trees, but none show up I have ORBX trees installed. Upon reading other threads I have the the vegetation.bgl and the .off file in my scenery / global/ scenery any ideas pls I have tried to add the debug file , but it wont because its not a gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png file Darren Crosby
  9. Cannot Download Turbulent Terminal

    Still not working, Chrome gives me " This site can't be reached" Please note that my chrome is updated and I have tried Explorer, but same issue Best,
  10. Terraflora purchase

    This has been refunded. Thanks, Russ
  11. Cannot Download Turbulent Terminal

    Apologies for the delay. Is this still the case? The link seems to be fine for me. Maybe it was down for a brief period? Thanks, Russ
  12. 2O3 Agwin Airport

    Prepar3D 4.4 - I cannot see any static airplanes to show up at airport. Any suggestions?
  13. Hello, I have recently purchased TerraFlora v1.20 for P3D v4, during installation, it asked for turbulent terminal and gave me error 12007. I tried to download the turbulent terminal using the following link, but the link is not working https://s3.amazonaws.com/turbulentstorage/Terminal/Turbulent_Terminal-Setup.exe Appreciate your help/
  14. 2O3 Angwin-Parrett Field Problem

    The problem was in the Tac Pack from VRS. I disabled the tac pack and problem solved. Nick from orbx community helped me out to fix this problem. Thanks, Almedin
  15. 2O3 Angwin-Parrett Field Problem

    Here is the more screenshots. The airport is also transparent when Im flying over the airport. Thanks, Almedin
  16. 2O3 Angwin-Parrett Field Problem

    Hello, It was the same problem in P3Dv4.4 then I deleted everything cfg. files and all that and updated to P3Dv4.5 and all was fine. Now, same problem again after a while and I don't know how to fix it. I have all FTX Global Products . Any help? Thanks, Almedin
  17. TerraFlora License invalid

    Good day! Just wanted to reinstall TerraFlora, but I always get the error message "License invalid". Can you please check that? Order Nr. #4448 Order Date 03/09/2017 Thank You!
  18. Probelm With tera flora

    Dear Developers. Why i am having the issue while installing Teraflora. please check the pictures .
  19. KIDA update?

    Ive been tempted to pick that one up as it dose look really good in what ive seen of it but was just waiting to see if IDA was going to get an update. I read somewhere that turbulent has teamed up with ORBX and that's why there hasn't been any updates to anything for a while. can anyone confirm this?
  20. Terraflora purchase

    Hi, today I was initially going to purchase the KIDA Idaho Falls: X-Plane Edition but instead I added terraflora for P3D and FSX instead without to my cart and accidentaly purchased it. This is order #9821. And since I have no use for terraflora in the first place, I wondered if it was possible for a refund. Thank you! - Theodor
  21. Terra Flora P3D V4.5

    I also would like to know the answer to this. What do I need to do, to get teraflora reinstalled into 4.5 ? there are no option buttons in the turbulent terminal. -stampee
  22. KIDA update?

    Yea SAM/autogate would be great. I think the runway numbers need to be fixed too. BTW, the MBS is even more amazing of a model, despite having approach lighting and PAPI vs. VASI errors.
  23. KIDA update?

    first let me say thank you for this awesome airport, the modeling and texture work on the buildings and trees and everything is truly superb. however, with that said I have to ask is there ever going to be an update fixing the xplane version at least to the fsx standard? I own both and the xplane version is in a very sorry state. lights and signs in the middle of taxiways and runways, missing compass rose, missing water tower, missing fence lines, the breathtakingly modeled jetways being non SAM or autogate compatible and so on. aside from that, the airport has had a large ramp and a number of new hangers built on the south east side off of taxi way alpha just after the canal that crosses under the runway. I fully understand that this is a sim and the representation will never match complete to real world but after a year or so of ownership I expected at least an update making it match the fsx version. And I would certainly be a lot more inclined to buy more of your products if I knew that issues like this were going to be dealt with. I would also like to add that I live in Idaho Falls about 3 miles away from this airport and if there is ever anything I can do to help in updating it I would be more than happy to help, anything from some high resolution pics of the new hangers to just sending you my modded version of the apt.dat file if it will help. thanks in advance for your time and for the all though flawed still very awesome airport.
  24. KGPI Terrain Issues

    Abe, I don't think, that they gonna make any fix on the ORBX side. I had the same issue. And it is really annoying thing, that they don't react on feed-backs. In almost every situation - I've had to use my calculators. Talking of which ... recently I've found a good article ( https://bestcalculators.net/best-financial-calculator-reviews/), they have to offer really good stuff out there.
  25. My Trees dissapeared

    I've installed the new version of P3D v4.5. I bought Terraflora and installed it also, now I have no trees at all, even when I uninstalled Terraflora. I need help to get the trees back!
  26. Terra Flora P3D V4.5

    Hi Is Terra Flora in the new Version 4.5 of P3D? Cheers Tom
  27. KGPI Terrain Issues

    All, I am having the same issue. I have version 1.1 installed. IS there a fix? This is my home airport and I sure would like to enjoy the fantastic work you have done. Scott
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