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  3. Textures Issue

    Since I bought TerraFlora, all my trees are like this. I tried reinstalling TerraFlora and no changes. Please help!
  4. licence key not working

    license key not working order number 7872 Says its a invalid license ? Thanks Jon Order #7672
  5. Terra Flora for X-plane 11

    Hi, I already have Terra Flora for P3D v4.5, does this mean that I have to buy a new copy for X-Plane 11 please ?? Best regards Keith
  6. terraflora

    hi i have to reinstall Terraflora but i have lost my password and need help for that redving@telia.com this is my licence key 5495-74382735-3061
  7. I have 203 Angwin, and KMBS (orbx) installed in my FSX-Steam. Now I bought and installed TerraFlora from Steam. Everything is ok. My question: To avoid any double entries, can I disable vegetation .bgl and corresponding trees textures files in the KMBS and Angwin 203 sceneries
  8. Forume dead?

    There have been few postings in these forums since it seemed that Orbx began a close relationship with Turbulent. Is it true that because Turbulent are working closely with Orbx that their output contributes solely to Orbx announcements?
  9. Hello Russ, thanks a lot for your help. Now it works, great ! Greetings
  10. Terra Flora

    Resolved! Many thanks Russ.
  11. Terra Flora

    Nevermind, found it! I can't seem to see anything wrong with your account. Can you double check the license and password? A good way of checking would be to log out of our website and logging back in fresh to make sure your email and password is correct. I'll give you a direct email confirming your details. Thanks, Russ
  12. registered wrong emailadress (typing error)/No support

    Hey, Benjamin! So sorry for the late reply. I seem to have missed the email you sent to me. I've corrected the email address. Can you give it a go now? Hopefully it's all working. Thanks, Russ
  13. Terra Flora

    Hey Brian! I can't seem to find your order under the account you're currently using. Do you have an order number so I can look it up? Cheers, Russ
  14. Hello guys, i bought terraflora this week, but I have the probem, that this product cant be activated. After search I saw, I had the wrong email written at registration. One digit was wrong, so the activation email was gone to an other user so I wrote this problem to support but still get no answer. Had anyone the same or similar experience or can help me. I dont know what I can do anything else...
  15. Terra Flora

    Hi Guys I have had to reformat my PC and I am slowly reinstalling all my flight sim software. I just tried installing Terra Flora and it reports the activation code is incorrect. Could you help with this please. Many thanks Brian
  16. Where can I download the installer?

    just solved! https://support.orbxdirect.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000310576-How-do-I-transfer-my-Turbulent-Designs-purchases-to-OrbxDirect-?mobile_site=true I hope you've received an email with such an announcement. I wasted a lot of time. The manufacturer's response is revealed.
  17. Hello! I purchased and used KIDA, MBS, L35, 203 on 17/12/2017, but if I reinstall P3d this time and try to install KIDA, MBS, L35, 203, I cannot download them from anywhere. If you click the scenery to install, you will be taken to the purchase windows. I have a license code. Where can I download the installer?
  18. TerraFlora License invalid

    Hi there, For security reasons, please contact us directly about this issue at: contactus@turbulentfs.co.uk
  19. Invalid License

    Hi there, Please contact us directly by email with this issue, for security reasons: contactus@turbulentfs.co.uk
  20. License key missing

    Hi Marcus, Sorry for the delay. Your license has been reissued. Please check your email. Thanks, Russ
  21. Invalid Licence

    Hi Max, Sorry for the delay, we're working on getting someone in support full time so there are no more delays with support requests. I can only apologise for the inconvenience. I have just tested your account with success. I shall contact you by email for security reasons. Thanks, Russ
  22. Invalid Licence

    I have recently bought TerraFlora for P3Dv4, but it says that there is a missmatch with the username and the password, altough it is correct. Order Number: 9985 Best regards, Max Schwingenschlögl
  23. License key missing

    Hello there. I seem to lost my license key for terra flora. My order : #8581. Can i receive the key again? Thanks.
  24. KGPI Terrain Issues

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  25. Title says it all. I bought KIDA for XPlane 11. I thought everything was fine until I got the download link which only had a Windows link. Can I get an Mac download link?
  26. Invalid License

    Good day! Just bought Terra Flora, However, when installing Terra Flora, I always get the error message "License invalid". Can you please Help with this Problem ? Order Number 9915

    Hey there, Sorry, I didn't get the notification for this thread! I've replied to you at Orbx, here: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/174065-low-fps-kida/ As it's an Orbx product, we'll be handling support there. We'll be cleaning up this forum soon to make this more obvious. Thanks, Russ
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