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  3. Computer supply store

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  4. Tactical gear

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  6. License key missing

    Hi! Same here. Order #4632 I'm getting an invalid license when trying to reinstall.
  7. Angwin 203

    Hello All, I was having the same issue for quite some time but avoided solving by using other airports, but today determined to solve the layering issue, I went for trouble-shooting. My P3DV4 had grayed-out scenery problem (which is a little hard for me to understand - location of the files, etc), and came across this great tool. I brought Turbulent (had two) scenery to the top and looks to have resolved it completely. For those that were not easily able to manipulate the scenery layer for P3d V4 (says V3 also have similar structure), give Lorby Prepar3D V4 Addon Organizer a try. I don't have any other use, but know exactly where to go next time. https://www.lorby-si.com/downloads.html Last for the best, thank you all to the 2o3 developers! I bought few years back and loved it very, very much!!! Rick
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  9. Invalid License / 2O3 Angwin-Parrett Field

    Same issue as well for me.
  10. Invalid license

    Hi Support, It's getting close to the 2 months mark and no resolution in sight. At this point if no responce with a resolution by next weekend I'm going to have to offically request a refund... As a product that cannot be installed is not fit for use. Regards TonyM
  11. There is no download link for the KMBS scenery I bought a few years ago. Also having invalid license problems. My order number is #1686
  12. Hi everyone. I too have got the invalid licence message. I wanted to re-install Terra Flora to double check I was getting the correct trees for the landclass and terrain (UK). I'd forgotten my password so I reset it as per. Upon trying to type it during the installation process, the error message came up. Please could you help? Thanks.
  13. Hi. I purchased the FSX version of Terraflora via the Steam shop and I'm very happy with it. I have now moved over to P3D v4. I would like to continue to use Terraflora. The product isn't currently available on the Turbulent website. Is it possible to transfer Terraflora from FSX:SE to P3D? I have tried contacting Turbulent via email and had no reply after a week.
  14. I have the same issue. Please help. HOW CAN I INSTALL THIS WITHOUT ERROR ?????
  15. Invalid license

    Did you guys shut down for business? Almost 10 days and zero replies to forum nor emails. Customer service is not what is used to be.
  16. Invalid License / 2O3 Angwin-Parrett Field

    Just to say I am also getting this message. It installed fine when I had win7 on my computer. I have updated to win10 with a new computer and now it has the error message. Thanks, Wayne
  17. Invalid license

    Having same issue. Left support email and no reply from Turbulent. Can't understand what is the issue. If the issue is with the network, then you should make a special download with automated registration w/o internet for the "customer" who are having this issue like me. I understand the license agreement when you agree to it, but this is ridiculous. Cheers, Jay
  18. Invalid license

    Hi Russ, I am obviously connected to the internet though. It the connection for the licensing config doing anything out of the ordinary, like custom ports for example? Cheers TonyM
  19. Invalid License

    UPDATE Still having the same issue. I went into my account to see if I had to download something new. Come to find out, My MBS scenery is nowhere to be found under downloads, even though I bought it in 2017.
  20. Invalid License

    Could someone help me please?
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  22. I have just recently bought FSX: SE and I'm trying to install the MBS scenery, but I can't because I keep getting this notification "Invalid License. Please contact Turbulent Support for further assistance []". I checked to make sure the license key I'm using changes for some reason but it's the same but won't work. I entered email, password, and key all correctly.
  23. Invalid License / 2O3 Angwin-Parrett Field

    Hi Claude,We're trying our hardest to resolve this problem, as some other customers are getting the same issue. We've confirmed that the accounts are fine and we're able to log in to them from our side. We're only able to reproduce this error by disconnecting from the internet and then attemtping to install a Turbulent product.Thanks,Russ
  24. YBCG and Terra Flora Glitch

    Hi Keeley, As TerraFlora is just a texture replacement (There are no files installed that affect tree locations) , this problem is more than likely the airport scenery. I would recommend you contact the developer of your airport scenery for further assistance. Thanks, Russ
  25. Invalid licence

    Hi Gerhard, What error are you receiving? Could you take a screenshot? Thanks, Russ
  26. Invalid license

    Hi Tony, We're trying our hardest to resolve this problem, as some other customers are getting the same issue. We've confirmed that the accounts are fine and we're able to log in to them from our side. We're only able to reproduce this error by disconnecting from the internet and then attemtping to install a Turbulent product. Thanks, Russ
  27. Terraflora acct transfer difficulty

    Hi Dirk, You are using the wrong account. You're currently posting from dirk.karmelk1 which does not have TerraFlora purchase. Please log in to your dirk.karmelk account and use those details on the installer. I shall send you a private message with the details for that account. Thanks, Russ
  28. Terra Flora No Download for P3D

    Hi guys, Please look at the product description to answer your question: "*UPDATE* TerraFlora will now be sold via Orbx Direct for X-plane only (for the time being). Current Turbulent customers will still be able to access their account and download the P3D/FSX version from their Turbulent website account download area. We’re currently in talks with Orbx regarding the P3D and FSX version of TerraFlora. Thank you for your patience." Thanks, Russ
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