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  4. Terra Flora P3D V4.5

    Hi Is Terra Flora in the new Version 4.5 of P3D? Cheers Tom
  5. KGPI Terrain Issues

    All, I am having the same issue. I have version 1.1 installed. IS there a fix? This is my home airport and I sure would like to enjoy the fantastic work you have done. Scott
  6. @Greg Jones Thank you. I was, and am concerned, how my purchase of KIDA from the X-Plane.org store might be transferred if there was an update to correct changes like runway 2 / 20 now being 3 / 21, etc.
  7. Hi Meron, As is the case with virtually all commercial developers, our scenery products are presented as a 'moment in time'. They are as accurate as we can practically make them at the time. Subsequent changes may be implemented down the track during a routine update, or they may not. Obviously, if we were to spend all of our time monitoring and implementing changes at the real-world counterparts of our airports, then you would rarely see a new product from us. As Russ has said, if there is anything that is broken or drastically incorrect at the time of publication, then we will work to fix those issues in short order. We are working on porting our X-Plane products over to the orbxdirect store and, although this is underway, it may be some time before the process is complete. Once it is complete, we will make an announcement and advise how you can transfer your licence and what products are elligible. This process allows us to review what, if any, changes can practically be made to the core product. Cheers, Greg
  8. Russ, it was on 1/31/19. I replied to your private message with more detail. Thanks.
  9. KIDA

    Hi Luiz, We'll need more information than this, perhaps a screenshot of before and after to see if there are any obvious differences. We're no longer supporting the old versions, so there will be no support here. Please go here for support: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/255-prepar3d®-v4x-support-forum/ Try to provide as much information as possible, including the addons you have installed. There may be many reasons as to why your FPS are being affected. Thanks, Russ
  10. When asked about TD products while streaming online...

    Hi Meron, What was the date you sent the email? I've not received it, which in concerning. I'll give you a private message. Thanks, Russ
  11. @Russell Linn I did resend my email to the address you provided, but I never received a response.
  12. KIDA

    Hello, I migrated my KIDA product to Orbx account, when I installed it through FTX Central, I found that my FPS crashed. I decided to install Turbulent's KIDA and I had no problems! What would that be? Thank you!
  13. KIDA & KGPI

    Thanks, David!
  14. KMBS not loading properly in XP11

    I am having this issue with my recently purchased KIDA. Scenery looks similar with shadows where architecture should be.
  15. KGPI Terrain Issues

    Just bought this a couple of days ago and was wondering too how I can obtain the fix. The Orbx install does not include any fixes. Thanks, Chad
  16. KIDA & KGPI

    OK Russ, will try. BTW, your work is stunning. Thank you. David

    Hi there, Our P3D/FSX products (excluding Terra Flora) have been migrated over to Orbx. Please log in to your Orbx account and enter your license key in to the migration tool here: https://orbxdirect.com/account/migrate/turbulent KIDA will be added to your account for free and you'll be able to download the latest version (which is no longer downloadable here) Thanks, Russ
  18. KIDA & KGPI

    Hi Nyxx! It's always recommended to install the regions, as there may be some abnormalities in the scenery if you don't. Please remember that all of our airports are designed for those regions but this doesn't really mean that it definitely won't work without it. It's a case of try it and see if it works Thanks, Russ
  19. KIDA & KGPI

    Hi, I've bought both of these from Orbx, they say I need to install the regions although I have them I would prefer to not use them. Q: Do they work OK with Orbx OLC NA Thank you. David.
  20. Russ, Thank you for addressing this. I did use the email address you mentioned above, which I had acquired through the contact us link at the bottom of the website. I will resend the email. I was basically inquiring about the topic I have posted within this forum, which can be read here. I did make a point to give time In waiting for a response on the forum realizing there may be a possible delay for a response to my forum post since it was around the holiday season.
  21. When asked about TD products while streaming online...

    On a side note, please keep in mind that we're in the process of moving out airports over to Orbx. This includes our Xplane airports. While doing so, we are making notes of requests and implementing the changes we're able to do in to the updated Orbx versions. Thanks, Russ
  22. When asked about TD products while streaming online...

    Hi Meron, What email address did you email? We have received no customer emails from 1/31/2019. If you have an issue, please post here or if it's of importance, please email contactus@turbulentfs.co.uk. Emailing staff directly with support issues will likely get no response. We have a small team currently working on airports so each support is sorted by priority. If it's a severe bug, then it will be sorted immediately. But accuracy issues will likely not (most of the time) be prioritised over more severe issues. Especially if they're related to real world airports being changed/updated over time. Thanks, Russ
  23. ...what should I say? A. Turbulent Designs models their airports great, AND they communicate how to resolve issues customers have with promptness and fairness. B. Turbulent Designs modeling is great, however there are a few accuracy issues and it can take over a month for them to communicate resolutions to issues customers have. C. Turbulent Designs modeling is great, however there are a few accuracy issues and they don't communicate with customers on resolutions to issues they may have. Well, at the time this post was developed, I'd have to say choice C. I not only asked in this forum, but I emailed them directly my issue on 1/31/2019 and have received no response. What a bummer.
  24. Cannot Update 2O3

    Hello, I have purchased 2O3 Angwin-Parrett Field from fspilotship.com; I have installed it and on the Turbulent Dashboard I see an "update" icon, but I cannot update it because the link takes me to my Turbulent account, which is not where I purchased the item. I have version 1.1.0; and since my license key is from fspilotshop.com I cannot transfer that license key to ORBX. Please advise. Thank you.
  25. KGPI and KIDA Dynamic lighting

    Yes I can confirm the latest update has resolved this issue! Thanks!! Dave
  26. KIDA licence not valid for orbx direct licence trasnfer?

    Hi Max, As this might be an issue with the Orbx database, it's best you contact them about this one. Tell them that you can provide your license key if needed. Thanks, Russ
  27. 2O3 Parret Field elevation troubles P3D v4

    Hi there, You may need to contact Aerosoft/Justflight about this. They use different installers to us, which we have no control over. I'm sure they'll be able to update their installers with a fix on their side. Thanks, Russ
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