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  1. KIDA Misplaced Lights

    Hi, The light in the middle of the runway 17/35 is easy to fix using WED as it's a taxiway segment defined with lights. Probably just a slight oversight during the edition process. Just select the two nodes on each side of the runway and remove the lights in the side panel (object property) - it will change from a blue dotted line to a green line/segment (no dotted line (lights) should cross any runway). The other lights are part of the generic runway lights but I didn't manage to remove them - but I'm not familiar with WED tools and functions, so maybe there's a simple solution. From what I've read, if a taxiway crosses a runway it should remove the unnecessary lights. Unfortunately during my tests it removed all the runway side/border lights while extending the runway polygon towards the center of the runway (I just dragged a node). The distance signs were still there. I don't know if there's a way to specifically exclude a given light or sign. Any solution would be very welcome
  2. KIDA: missing compass on apron

    Hi, Maybe it's only on my side but I can't see the compass on the apron and I know the texture is included somewhere in the airport folder: http://tof.cx/images/2018/01/07/afbf8c37546e5f5e2360933be4fbe84e.jpg http://tof.cx/images/2018/01/07/c3dd621675940bf6a7fc8c5db28509ee.jpg I didn't check in the World Editor yet but could someone confirm it's a known issue or if something looks wrong on my version? Thanks!

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