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  1. KIDA update?

    Ive been tempted to pick that one up as it dose look really good in what ive seen of it but was just waiting to see if IDA was going to get an update. I read somewhere that turbulent has teamed up with ORBX and that's why there hasn't been any updates to anything for a while. can anyone confirm this?
  2. KIDA update?

    first let me say thank you for this awesome airport, the modeling and texture work on the buildings and trees and everything is truly superb. however, with that said I have to ask is there ever going to be an update fixing the xplane version at least to the fsx standard? I own both and the xplane version is in a very sorry state. lights and signs in the middle of taxiways and runways, missing compass rose, missing water tower, missing fence lines, the breathtakingly modeled jetways being non SAM or autogate compatible and so on. aside from that, the airport has had a large ramp and a number of new hangers built on the south east side off of taxi way alpha just after the canal that crosses under the runway. I fully understand that this is a sim and the representation will never match complete to real world but after a year or so of ownership I expected at least an update making it match the fsx version. And I would certainly be a lot more inclined to buy more of your products if I knew that issues like this were going to be dealt with. I would also like to add that I live in Idaho Falls about 3 miles away from this airport and if there is ever anything I can do to help in updating it I would be more than happy to help, anything from some high resolution pics of the new hangers to just sending you my modded version of the apt.dat file if it will help. thanks in advance for your time and for the all though flawed still very awesome airport.

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