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  1. L35 Issues

    Definitely. .sorry i was in transit yesterday and couldn't elaborate. When i mentioned that during installation i had an issue it was with SODE. If i remember right i got the latest version from the forum somewhere and skipped the one in the installation file. Because you will also notice there is alot of objects missing from the scenery aswell if SODE is not installed right.
  2. L35 Issues

    Hey mate if you are running Orbx Global and vector make sure you run the tool to scan airports for elevation issues. Also go through the settings to eliminate any conflicts ..im in the car at the moment on my way to airport so i cant remember what it is called but thats the only thing i did apart from what you mentioned. There is also something in the install process that glitched the first time that i made sure processed correctly second time around.. good luck amazing scenery
  3. L35 Issues

    All fixed,,for some reason even though scenery library showed TD Libraries and TD L35 on top it just wasn't loading in that order. After deleting and reinstall and then correcting the order it all loaded perfectly and just WOW!!!!. THANK YOU Mr Turbulent Design amazing work.
  4. L35 Issues

    OK fixed the runway by running Orbx Vector AEC tool. but looks like im still missing a bunch of objects according to the screenshots like there are no houses lining taxi way and a bunch of other stuff missing. Take a look at this screenshot there is clearly an objects problem . That elevation display is floating 2 ft above ground same as the other one at the opposite end of runway.
  5. L35 Issues

    Looking at the documentation i seen a picture showing SODE control panel in Turbulent Terminal. I dont have that even though its in the sim and up and running.
  6. L35 Issues

    Hi all, If someone could help just installed L35 and it just aint right have weird water texture all over runway ,ground textures look messy . I have Orbx Global ,Vector SoCal and NoCal and NA open LC if that helps solve it. Checked Scenery y and L35 is at the top along with TD Libraries. Any ideas..?
  7. Terra Flora XP11

    Just want to ask as politely as one can when having to put up with sub par vegetation in XP11, When the bloody hell are we going to see Terra Flora in XP11...? Pleeeeeasee !! Cheers Val.G
  8. Wrong Product

    Thanks Russ appreciate your quick response. Again sorry for the trouble look forward to getting this scenery.
  9. Wrong Product

    Good morning, I don't know how but i have ended up with the wrong product. I am quite sure i selected L35 Big Bear City Airport and went through the payment routine unaware i was purchasing Terra Flora which i already own. If you could fix that up for me it would be great, either via a credit or a download link and credit the balance to my account. I am sorry if this has caused you any inconvenience and being along time flight simmer and purchasing countless products this has got to be the strangest thing i have done, if indeed it was all my own doing. I sent email to Customer support as well and my order number is Order #8140 Cheers

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