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  1. Terra Flora + ORBX HD Trees

    Hey guys, I already have TerraFlora and its great and I read the manual about ORBX compatibility. Do I understand right when I get ORBX Trees too, it will work good together and maybe it will work better with ORBX scenery? Thanks
  2. Airport suggestions here

    You are absolutely right! Keflavík will be the best airport you can choose! There isnt any great scenery for any flight sim, and Iceland is absolutely beautiful country with challenging windy approches! I will fly there 24/7!
  3. New Email

    Hello, first of all, thanks for your amazing products! And now I would like to ask... I would like to change my email, but on my receipt there is my email, that I use now (old email). So is there any possible way to get my receipt again on my new email, with new email in it? I hope its not confusing... Thanks a lot, Cheers, Tomáš Franta.

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