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  1. TerraFlora & Trees HD

    so in that case, what is the added value of installing the Orbx Trees HD side by side with TF, as stated in the user manual that it is recommended to install it (if you are a legal owner), if you claim it will never prevail TF on a global scale? unless there are some Tree models that are not covered by TF and Trees HD would cover those? in away Tress HD would supplement models missing in TF?
  2. TerraFlora & Trees HD

    Hi there, I just purchased TerraFlora as I have a good feeling it is a very good product. I am running on P3D 4.3 I read through the user manual and I saw that this product could co-exist with Orbx Trees HD. i am a bit puzzled as both products claim to replace the global trees in the SIM . I don't own any Orbx regions, Airports, etc. Only the Orbx Global Line, i.e. OpenLC, Vector, FTX Global Base... how do I make sure that the Orbx trees HD would not override/supersede the TerraFlora trees, when I fly outside of Obx regions/products zone?

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