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  1. KIDA update?

    Yea SAM/autogate would be great. I think the runway numbers need to be fixed too. BTW, the MBS is even more amazing of a model, despite having approach lighting and PAPI vs. VASI errors.
  2. @Greg Jones Thank you. I was, and am concerned, how my purchase of KIDA from the X-Plane.org store might be transferred if there was an update to correct changes like runway 2 / 20 now being 3 / 21, etc.
  3. Russ, it was on 1/31/19. I replied to your private message with more detail. Thanks.
  4. @Russell Linn I did resend my email to the address you provided, but I never received a response.
  5. Russ, Thank you for addressing this. I did use the email address you mentioned above, which I had acquired through the contact us link at the bottom of the website. I will resend the email. I was basically inquiring about the topic I have posted within this forum, which can be read here. I did make a point to give time In waiting for a response on the forum realizing there may be a possible delay for a response to my forum post since it was around the holiday season.
  6. ...what should I say? A. Turbulent Designs models their airports great, AND they communicate how to resolve issues customers have with promptness and fairness. B. Turbulent Designs modeling is great, however there are a few accuracy issues and it can take over a month for them to communicate resolutions to issues customers have. C. Turbulent Designs modeling is great, however there are a few accuracy issues and they don't communicate with customers on resolutions to issues they may have. Well, at the time this post was developed, I'd have to say choice C. I not only asked in this forum, but I emailed them directly my issue on 1/31/2019 and have received no response. What a bummer.
  7. Bump... I hope someone is monitoring this forum.
  8. I bought IDA from the X-Plane's.org store on 5/19/2018. It now appears it's "not for sale" on the org anymore. I do have an account with Turbulent Designs with my purchase of MBS, but when I go into my TD account it only shows my MBS download option. How would I go about downloading future updates of IDA? Can I email my proof of purchase of IDA with X-Plane.org Store to someone with Turbulent Designs so I can then see a download option for IDA?
  9. Airport suggestions here

    Very clear video of a GA aircraft flying an approach into KAVL
  10. Airport suggestions here

    Asheville Regional Airport, a single runway Class C airport at the foot of the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. Looks like a recent new runway was put in too. <div id="sv_8729" style="width: 200px; height: 200px;">Make your <a href="https://skyvector.com/">Flight Plan</a> at SkyVector.com</div><script src="//skyvector.com/api/lchart?ll=35.434435326415745,-82.54275512089947&amp;s=1&amp;c=sv_8729&amp;i=301" type="text/javascript"></script> Surrounding area...
  11. KMBS RWY 5/23 Approach Lights

    It looks as though the model of KMBS currently has lights acting like ODALS, but in the charting I see it should have MALSR on both ends. Also, it appears as though runway 5 should not have PAPIs, nor VASIs.
  12. Nice Work & Gates/Flags

    BTW, I realized maybe I should have posted this in the general discussion???
  13. Nice Work & Gates/Flags

    A while back I bought IDA for X-Plane, and the other day I bought MBS. I just wanted to say the artwork is great! I hope you keep building airports for X-Plane, and port over the other airports you've done to the platform as well. Also, I hope in the future you consider gate animations like this promising new type that compensates for our lousy parking jobs: https://youtu.be/ULevofWJtDA?t=911 (I think they're making an option for payware devs?) ...and maybe animating the flags like this option:

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