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  1. Hey dev's, my serial code isnt working for KIDA airport when I try licence it through the direct transfer to enable it in my Orbx account, and yes I'm using the serial key used from the turbulent design website (not some other 3rd party shop), so I'm wondering whats going up. It's not broken in my normal installer, but I am slightly ocd about running everything through orbx so if we can try get that sorted it will be awesome, I can provide order numbers/further details if needed but I will ned an email first since its a bad place for those details on forums.
  2. Serial Transfer to Orbx from fspilotshop...

    I am sad to say I've lost my proof off purchase ages ago from my email's since I bought it from fspilotshop last year. I'm asking them for an emailed copy off the proof off purchase to be sent to me soon (if they don't have one, then I belive I'm screwed!)...unless you guys accept order number details such as transaction I'Ds...??? It might take a few days...
  3. Hi, I'm here to figure out if I can make a transfer from Fspilotshop to Orbx. I see that they're only accepting serial keys from the Turbulent Homepage account. I made an old post about transferring my licence ages ago but since you can now transfer it to Orbx I am extra keen to get it transferred. I cannot find my proof off purchase but I have details from my paypal account and from Fspilotshop... just tell me what to send to you your email or on this forum and I will hunt it down and give it, also I don't have your email support address, I think it was on somewhere on the site, but I doubt myself...
  4. Trasnfer possible? L35 Big Bear

    Hi, whenever I go to update from the turbulent designs app I get brought to your website, but I can't download it as it isn't in my account history in your website. I bought l35 from fspilotshop and I'd prefer to update it easier from my app instead off going through me retailer's history and waiting on long downloads. For order numbers #979618
  5. I have bought the l35 airport (979618 order number) it is from fspilotshop, when I installed it, the product didn't get read in my turbulent app. I would love the to have it in my app terminal, is the a simple activation you can put in my app or something? I don't really want to have to re-download and re-install it, so time consuming...
  6. Hi, I have bought Big Bear City from another store, fspilotshop, and I would like to be able to have it in my Turbulent Design app so i can update it easily without having to download 6gb's everytime a new update comes (and to be able to access the options in the app), my order number is #979618

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