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  1. No SODE at MBS airport

    That's good to hear, but what about the dynamic ground poly and other SODE features?
  2. No SODE at MBS airport

    Well @Greg Jones, this is a huge step back for us original buyers. I just migrated all my turbulent sceneries and realized there wasn't any jetways anymore. I wanted to go back and now I realize there's no more download link for the versions with Jetways. We actually bought a scenery with moving jetways, not with static jetways. I don't understand how or why such a change has been made, orbx it just make the sceneries much less attractive and unhappy customers. I know Orbx is not using SODE at all, but at least some of their sceneries are using the default jetways system, which would have been a good solution for you as far as all the gates are using a single jetway system. How can we get the original scenery again?
  3. KGPI - GSX doesn't use Turbulent's afcad

    Thanks Greg, For now, it works using the KGPI option as I just completed a flight from KLAS without any problem. I'm standing by but still on the frequency
  4. KGPI - GSX doesn't use Turbulent's afcad

    A few last remarks after my investigation (I have no more idea for now) : Changing the icao of the working KGPI afcad to KFCA using ADE makes it reacting like your original KFCA afcad (being ignored by Ai Traffic and GSX when FTX NRM is enabled). It seems to confirm it has something to do with the ICAO itself and not your bgl file. Transferring the scenery from the add-on.xml system to the old scenery.cfg system forces the sim to find the KFCA afcad even if FTX NRM is enabled. (The GSX jetways issue still remains when using scenery.cfg though).
  5. GPI ground tearing

    Hello Russell, Sorry for re-opening this topic, I've been quite unlucky with KGPI since I got it and it seems the tearing issue is still happening with the latest version: It happens with chaseplane, and also without it (but it's much less visible) as seen on the videos below. This started to happen after reinstalling the scenery trying to solve the following issue.
  6. KGPI - GSX doesn't use Turbulent's afcad

    Hi Greg, Thanks for confirming it should normally work. I've performed a few additional test to describe my issue at best: I'm not doing anything very specific but here are the activated layers in my scenery library, in this order. I also have Aerosors navdata update installed and tried to install back the original APX17140.bgl file without success. Anything else was disabled to try finding the culprit. - Turbulent KGPI (with KFCA option) - Turbulent libraries - Orbx libraries - FTX NRM - FTX OpenLC - FTX Vector - FreeMeshX - Base scenery entries With these settings, Ai Traffic and GSX are both using the FTX NRM afcad which seems to get the priority over the turbulent afcad (as shown on both pictures in attachements). Using the KGPI option in the turbulent terminal solves the issue and the Turbulent afcad gets priority over FTX NRM. In case I'm using the KFCA option and disable FTX NRM (or only both KFCA files), the Turbulent KFCA afcad is then correctly used for both Ai Traffic and GSX. However GSX still can't find any jetway. Using the KGPI option in the turbulent terminal solves the issue as well. In a nutshell, only the KFCA afcad seems to bring some issues with Ai Traffic and GSX. Whatever is the status of the other sceneries, everything is working fine using the KGPI option. If it can help, here are all the bgl related to KGPI/KFCA installed in my simulator : D:\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0201\scenery\APX17140.bgl D:\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\World\scenery\ADE_FTX_NRM_KFCA_elevation_adjustment.BGL D:\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\World\scenery\KGPI_ADEP4_HS_ALT.bgl D:\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\World\scenery\KFCA_MOD_ADEP4_GRJ_ALT.bgl E:\Simulateur\Sceneries\Turbulent\TRB_Airports\KGPI_Glacier\Scenery\KFCA_MOD_ADEP4_GRJ.bgl E:\Simulateur\Sceneries\Turbulent\TRB_Airports\KGPI_Glacier\Scenery\KGPI_ADEP4_HS.bgl Hope this will help you to find what could cause this issue, I'll still be investigating as well and will inform you in case I find something. EDIT: I've found that if I use KGPI, then change to the KFCA option, it's working in the sim (at least GSX, not sure about the AI traffic) until I reload the airport cache. Cheers, Maxime
  7. KGPI - GSX doesn't use Turbulent's afcad

    So... Sorry for the multiple posts, but I've finally succeeded to get the right Afcad by disabling both KFCA file within the FTX NRM scenery folder, cleaning the scenery index, then reloading the airport cache from couatl. That said, there's now another issue: The SODE jetways can only be used from GSX if I use the KGPI option. When using the KFCA option, the jetways are simply not recognized by GSX (but are working using the SODE menu), this probably happens because GSX expects to find some SODE jetways for KFCA, and I guess your sode jetways are referred only to KGPI. I've tried to customize some of the SODE xml for your airport but I couldn't find it. So here are my final questions : Isn't the airport supposed to work without disabling the FTX contents? Also, is there any way to use the KFCA icao with jetways working witg GSX?
  8. KGPI - GSX doesn't use Turbulent's afcad

    Edit: Sorry, I forgot to say that the issue appears when using FTX NRM and disabling this region allows GSX to detect your afcad correctly and use it. Just disabling FTX afcad doesn't work though.
  9. Hi there, I'm enjoying a lot KGPI, what a masterpiece ! One of the most beautiful sceneries I've ever seen for now ! However, I'm struggeling a bit with GSX as it doesn't use Turbulent's afcad at all but only the Afcad from FTX NRM, I've tried with both KGPI and KFCA options in the turbulent terminal as well as disabling FTX's Afcad to force GSX seeing your afcad but it simply triggers an error as there's no afcad. I'm not able to make it work correctly and gates/parkings have a huge offset. I'm not sure whether it's an issue from the scenery or from FSDT which usually detects sceneries correctly. Any idea?
  10. Trees color and options

    Thank you Greg, this is a good news, I'll keep attentive
  11. Trees color and options

    Hello ! Any news about this? I'm really sad not to be using Terra Flora because of this, while the texture themselves are extremly beautiful, their tint causing this "too perfect blending" just kills the 3D effect. PS: congratulations for the Glacier Park release, I'll surely take it
  12. Trees color and options

    Hello, I just purchased TerraFlora and I must admit you guys did a great work. I really like some of the trees, especially the conifers which look much more real than FTX Trees HD. However, it's not exactly the same with all textures as some of them don't fit every places very well. After a quick try in North of France I have seen that some trees are far too bright compared to the terrain, thus the "volume" feeling has completely disappeared and in some places I even have the feeling not to have autogen trees compared to FTX trees HD, especially in cities. Also in the same place I've seen some red maples, which looks a bit weird to me in the North of France. Here are 2 pictures showing what I mean: With FTX trees HD With TerraFlora The winter trees are also very nice from the ground and low altitude but the "volume" feeling also disappear quite quickly in the distance with altitude because of the high transparency of the textures. As I fully understand you have to satisfy everyone and make compromises to find a good balance, why not to add an option for 2 variants of some trees? This was never done and would be a perfect addition to TerraFlora to fit every taste and every place. I didn't see anything else at the moment. It could be something like: 1. Summer & Spring: - Vibrant trees - Darker trees 2. Fall ( - Without red mapples - With red mapples 3. Winter - More transparency - Less transparency Hope you will consider this, Thanks by advance, Maxime

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