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  1. Airport suggestions here

    Hi Everyone, We've decided to create a thread dedicated to airport suggestions to make it easier for us and you to keep track of what's already been suggested. If you have a suggestion, try to include as much info about the airport as you can - including if you are able to get photography for us! We'd also like to know what it is you find most appealing about each airport. Although we may not respond to every suggestion, rest assured we check them all and decide whether or not they should go on 'The List'. Cheers, Greg & Russ
  2. Hi Meron, As is the case with virtually all commercial developers, our scenery products are presented as a 'moment in time'. They are as accurate as we can practically make them at the time. Subsequent changes may be implemented down the track during a routine update, or they may not. Obviously, if we were to spend all of our time monitoring and implementing changes at the real-world counterparts of our airports, then you would rarely see a new product from us. As Russ has said, if there is anything that is broken or drastically incorrect at the time of publication, then we will work to fix those issues in short order. We are working on porting our X-Plane products over to the orbxdirect store and, although this is underway, it may be some time before the process is complete. Once it is complete, we will make an announcement and advise how you can transfer your licence and what products are elligible. This process allows us to review what, if any, changes can practically be made to the core product. Cheers, Greg
  3. No SODE at MBS airport

    Hi Andre, We're working on re-implementing the animated jetways but we dont have a timeframe at this stage. Greg
  4. TerraFlora & Trees HD

    You got it in one. Terraflora only replaces the textures of the default tree types (of which there are many!). HD trees also replaces Orbx's own custom trees not covered by TerraFlora. So with TF and HD Trees installed, you'll have TF across 99.9% of the planet with the remainder covered by Orbx in some parts of their regions and airports. Greg
  5. No SODE at MBS airport

    Hi, Unfotunately, as SODE isn't currently part of the ORBX ecosystem, we're not able to implement the original jetways. We developed a ctrl-J version of the jetways but they just didn't perform to our standard. We're currently working on a permanent solution which will re-enable the original jetways and we hope to have this available fairly soon. Cheers, Greg
  6. No SODE at MBS airport

    Hi, At this stage, there are no animated jetways at MBS airport in the Orbx version. We hope to correct this in the near future. Greg
  7. TerraFlora & Trees HD

    Hi, TerraFlora references our own unique textures during operation so the orbx product will never take precedence outside of an orbx region. Within orbx regions TF will still take priority except where Orbx have placed there own custom tree models and textures. Cheers, Greg
  8. No Trees At All!

    Hi Robert, TerraFlora is absolutely compatible with the Orbx HD Trees. There's been a lot of confusion about compatibility but we've made clear from the outset how the two packages work together. TerraFlora will take precedence over HD Trees except in those areas where Orbx regions or airports provide their own custom trees (such as FTX England). It's unlikely that HD Trees is the culprit in this case. The most common cause for there being no trees at all is that there are duplicate BGL files in the \scenery\global\scenery folder. If you have vegetation.bgl and vegetation_TF.bgl present (note neither file disabled) then you will have an issue as P3D doesn't know which version of the file to use. Per my earlier post, in the Turbulent Terminal, can you click on the button at the bottom right which says 'Debug Info', save the file and email it contactus@turbulentdesigns.co.uk. This will give us a bit more insight into how things are setup in your install. Cheers, Greg
  9. Trees color and options

    Hi Daniel, We still plan to add the extra features to TerraFlora we have mentioned in the past though we have no clear timeframe at this stage. MYy advice would be to proceeed with you reinstall using the current version of TF. Any future upgrades will be a simple process! Cheers, Greg
  10. KGPI elevation issues?

    No probs.
  11. KGPI elevation issues?

    Can you confirm you have the file L35_ADEP2_TRB_ALT.bgl in your P3D\scenery\world\scenery folder?
  12. KGPI elevation issues?

    Is this Ultimate Traffic Live? I'll do some testing here. Greg
  13. KGPI elevation issues?

    Thanks, Are AI aircraft on the ground affected at all? Taxiing and taking off OK or are there none parked? Greg
  14. KGPI elevation issues?

    Thanks, The fact that L35 has the same problem suggests that there's something other than a simple elevation error at play. Big Bear shouldn't be affected by elevation as it's a very simplistic setup in that regard. Can you show me a screenshot of what you're seeing both at KGPI and L35? I'm intrigued. Greg
  15. Terra Flora worked once then stopped

    Hi Doug, Unfortunately, TerraFlora doesn't include any kind of animated vegetation at this stage. The only times you would see moving trees would be at certain Orbx airports (part of their NatureFlow tech) or if you have P3D's own Dynamic Vegetation enabled. The error you're seeing is caused by the fact that we use the same installer for TerraFlora as we do for our airports. As TerraFlora doesn't add anything to the scenery.cfg, the installer (or uninstaller) can't find anything to remove - hence the error. I hope this helps. Greg
  16. KGPI elevation issues?

    Hi Marshall, Do you have the ICAO set to KGPI or KFCA? Can you try the alternate setting and let me know the result? Cheers, Greg
  17. L35 Issues

    Great! As everything seems to be in the right order, the most likely cause of this is that there is a 'competing' version of the airport lingering somewhere. I'd suggest running a windows search for 'L35' from your base P3D folder on all the subfolders. Make a not of anything that is not within the Turbulent folder structure. Failing that, you could also open the Turbulent Terminal and click on the 'Debug Info' link on the bottom right of the screen. This will produce a text file that you can email to contactus@turbulentfs.co.uk Cheers, Greg
  18. L35 Issues

    Hi, Can you have a look in your <P3D>\scenery\world\scenery folder and check for the presence of the file L35_ADEP2_TRB_ALT.bgl? Cheers, Greg
  19. KIDA Misplaced Lights

    That's more than just a bit out of place!!! I'll double check at our end. Greg
  20. Toowong Australia and Havant United Kingdom - June 6th, 2018 Turbulent Designs To Publish Through Orbx Over the past 10 years, the team at Turbulent Designs have fully developed or contributed to almost 25 airport projects for Orbx. Today, they are excited to announce the next step in this long relationship. Turbulent will now be working in partnership with Orbx. From today, Turbulent Designs will begin the task of redeveloping all the airport products in their current catalogue, to be fully integrated into the Orbx ecosystem. Additionally, their currently in-production projects will also be made available through Orbx. Turbulent’s team is immensely proud of the products they’ve created. Working as a team of developers and as an independent publisher they have had the freedom to explore different techniques in all aspects of flight sim development. Those of you who have followed their journey over recent years, will know that they are always trying to push boundaries of both visuals and performance. One thing that has remained constant in that time however, was their compatibility with Orbx’s base products and regions. Turbulent Co-Founder and Director Greg Jones said “Publishing our works through Orbx, while armed with our new experience, allows us to focus more on the development aspect and getting everything ‘just right’ while harnessing Orbx’s extensive beta testing network, technical know-how and the massive Orbx community.” “We’re excited about Orbx’s move into the world of X-Plane 11 and, as we have said before, this is a platform we’re now fully adopting. In time, all Turbulent Designs airports will be available for X-Plane 11 via orbxdirect.com.” Orbx CEO John Venema today said “We are absolutely thrilled to once again be working closely with the talented team at Turbulent Designs. They have developed a stellar reputation in the flight simulation industry with a distinct style of products which have been extremely well received by the community.” Greg Jones added “Turbulent and Orbx share a passion for creating top-quality content in interesting locations while maintaining great performance. We see this a re-strengthening of our relationship which will be great news for both Turbulent and Orbx customers alike.” Venema continued “Together, Turbulent Designs and Orbx will closely collaborate on many projects to bring our customers some very exciting new products over the coming years. Both companies share the same vision for attention to detail and immersive destinations and I am sure that working closely together will yield some fantastic results!” Greg finished with “Turbulent’s existing customers will be able to easily transfer their purchases to Orbxdirect at no charge”. He also gave a glimpse into both organization’s future; “As our business grow and expand together and with new team members coming on board, we look forward to producing a much greater variety of content for the Orbx ecosystem. There’s some great things on the horizon!”
  21. Terminal Doesn't load on Mac...KIDA

    Hi, It looks like you're missing a few more things than just the terminal (there should be more cars in the car park plus some GSE visible). My initial suggestion would be to re-download the file and install again. Cheers, Greg
  22. Issues with KMBS

    In case you missed the announcement guys, the update is now available from your respective store accounts. Cheers, Greg
  23. Jetways in X-Plane

    Hi, This is something we're looking into as a possibility in the future. At present we're reluctant to make our products reliant on other addons but that may change in time as we become more familiar with the marketplace. So the short answer is... maybe! Cheers, Greg
  24. KIDA: missing compass on apron

    Hi, Sorry for the lack of reply. We're currently working on a couple of fixes and adjustments for KIDA. This one is on the list. Unfortunately, I can't give you a timeframe at this point. Cheers, Greg
  25. Issues with KMBS

    Hi, The update took a bit longer to put together due to a last minute issue we wanted to correct. It's now done and will be distributed to resellers shortly. Thanks for your patience. Greg

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