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  1. Jetways in X-Plane

    Thank you very much for the reply Greg. That would be great if we could have these gates moving in the future. I'm sure your talented team can do anything given enough time
  2. KIDA: missing compass on apron

    Thank you very much Greg, I appreciate your reply. Looking forward to it.
  3. KIDA: missing compass on apron

    any support ?
  4. Jetways in X-Plane

    Hi, I bought the latest release, KMBS for X-Plane 11. It looks amazing, congratulations! The only drawback is that the jetways being the best looking jetways in the flight sim world, are not working in X-Plane. I know the Autogate plugin does not have as good looking jetways. However, I'd like to ask: Are there any plans to make working 'Turbulent jetways' in X-Plane 11 ? Thanks for your time.
  5. KIDA: missing compass on apron

    Hello! I'm thinking to buy the scenery and I would like to know if the above issues have been corrected. Looking forward for your reply!
  6. Thanks for the update Russ! No problem, we are all looking forward for it
  7. Thank you very much for the head's up Russ. Waiting is a little easier after your post
  8. Hello Russ, I suppose the updated installers release has been postponed for this week?

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