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  1. There is no download link for the KMBS scenery I bought a few years ago. Also having invalid license problems. My order number is #1686
  2. Invalid License

    UPDATE Still having the same issue. I went into my account to see if I had to download something new. Come to find out, My MBS scenery is nowhere to be found under downloads, even though I bought it in 2017.
  3. Invalid License

    Could someone help me please?
  4. I have just recently bought FSX: SE and I'm trying to install the MBS scenery, but I can't because I keep getting this notification "Invalid License. Please contact Turbulent Support for further assistance []". I checked to make sure the license key I'm using changes for some reason but it's the same but won't work. I entered email, password, and key all correctly.
  5. Has there been any discussion about any airports in the Midwest? Particularly in Michigan? Such as Grand Rapids (KGRR), Flint (KFNT), Traverse City (KTVC), Kalamazoo (KAZO), Lansing (KLAN), Pellston (KPLN), Alpena (KAPN), or the few regional airports in the Upper Peninsula as some examples? That'd be pretty cool if any one of those were to be a choice at some point (:

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