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Russell Linn

TerraFlora FAQ

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“I already have Orbx HD Trees installed. Do I need to remove it?”

No. The Orbx HD Trees product can remain installed and we highly recommend that you do if you are using other Orbx products.


“Do I need to backup all or part of my sim setup before install?”

Backing up before installing any new system is always good practice. Having said that, TerraFlora does not overwrite any existing files so it is entirely non-destructive.


“I can’t see TerraFlora in the scenery library, where has it gone?”

TerraFlora uses core sim files and so is never added to the scenery library. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t be there!


“I’m using P3Dv4. Nothing changes after I install TerraFlora.”

Check that you don’t have ‘Dynamic Vegetation Autogen’ enabled. This is enabled by default and replaces all autogen with dynamic speedtree models. Disabling will both allow TerraFlora to show through plus it will help your performance dramatically.

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