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Good evening!

I am the Evaldo of the city of Florianópolis / Brazil

I bought the product TerraFlora today, Receipt number: 0DC78894MB539060W

(Note: The purchase was made by PayPal)

I went to install but could not. I use FSX Gold Edition + Acceleration.

I followed the tips there from Forums> Support not to install in the FSX folder, so far so good.


So I chose to install in C: \

But then I installed the error.

Then the following questions / questions arise, okay?

1) Does the installer automatically create a folder or am I the one who has to create a folder there in C: \?

2) How would you give me the walkthrough (tutorial) of the correct way to do the installation?

3) How to know if the program is correctly installed?

4) And last, what you as a producer assigns the main / main differences / differences of your ORBX FTX Trees HD product. I already have ORBX for some time, but I want to get to know your work better, so I now have both, in my backup files.

Note: I uninstalled ORBX Trees before installing TerraFlora, okay?



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Hi Evaldo,


Sorry to hear you're having problems.


Can you tell me what the error is that you are getting?


In answer to your questions:

1 - The installer will automatically create the folder with the name you specify (eg. C:\Turbulent\)

2 - The correct method of installation is quite simple. Download and run the installer. Enter your user details then specify where you want to install to. The installer will setup your sim platform for you. There is nothing more you need to do.

3 - Run FSX and go to an area ideally away from an airport. You should see a dramatic difference in trees compared with default.

4 - TerraFlora is designed to give greater depth, colour and variety in tree types across the world. TerraFlora trees are higher resolution than any other product available and have been optimised to avoid any impact on framerates.


I hope this helps.



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Good Morning!

Thanks for the return of your colleague.

Yeah, I got all your recommendations, okay? However, installing it now gave the following error:

"Main product Turbulent Terminal 1.0 - not found on system.

This product is required to install the current upgrade.

The application can not be installed on this system.

Please contact the vendor for further information. "


I look forward to the solution of this new quetão.




Evaldo Paulino

Florianópolis / Brazil

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Now, with this Turbulent_Terminal-Setup.exe he suggested / created the folder and installed it correctly and consequently the TerraFlora. I already tested it and I really liked it.

There is a big, very big difference even for the best compared to the ORBX FTX Trees. In my case that I live in Brazil, the woods / forests have been much better than the ORBX Trees, more natural. Friend grateful for your feedback and your attention on helping me resolve the impasse in my facility. A good flight to us all and but the front will be buying but your products / scenarios can be sure of that. Until then. Evaldo of Florianópolis / Brazil.

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