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Greg Jones

MBS International Airport for X-Plane 11 RELEASED!

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We're pleased that our newest airport for X-Plane 11, MBS International, is now available!

This is our second project for X-Plane 11 and we're sure you'll agree, the airport looks truly stunning!



• Highly accurate HD airport covering all airport buildings and the surrounding area
• Fully modelled terminal interior using real-world blueprints
• HD GSE vehicles
• High-resolution ground textures all with custom normal maps for full immersion.
• Turbulent’s RealFlora textures provide fully immersive vegetation
• 20km2 of colour-matched orthoimagery at 50cm resolution
• Completely redesigned and optimised to make full use of X-Plane 11
• Custom models to cover every car truck, house, barn and commercial building in the surrounding neighbourhoods.
• Baked ambient occlusion
• Includes Turbulent Designs’ high detail clutter library.

MBS International Airport for X-Plane 11 is our most feature-rich and detailed airport product to date. The airport serves the cities of Midland, Bay City and Saginaw in Freeland County, Michigan. It’s situated 100nm north-west of Detroit and approximately 200nm from both Toronto and Chicago.

MBS is a great airport for a balance between commercial flying and general aviation. It’s 8000ft primary runway serves a selection of commercial aircraft in the real world, which operate out of the new passenger terminal. On the other side of the 6000ft secondary runway, you can find a range of service hangers next to the general aviation and corporate jet apron. General aviation pilots are also treated with an isolated disused WW2 runway; a challenge to the aviation skills of those who endeavour.

The passenger terminal features a fully modeled interior, accurate to real-world blueprints, allowing you to walk through and explore as a passenger. As a pilot parked at one of its 6 gates you can look through the terminal windows and see every detail inside the building. The jetways are highly detailed and accurate representations of their real-world counterpart.

Over on the corporate jet apron is another highly detailed interior of one of the main hangers. Pilots can choose to start or end their flight from inside this hanger.

A range of brand new HD service vehicles, cars and trucks have been placed at this airport. Each of these new vehicles has been meticulously developed, using on-site photographs as reference. Each new vehicle has a cab interior and transparent glass, adding a new level of depth and immersion.

Runway’s, taxiway’s and apron surfaces are represented with high definition textures based on real-world surface photography, providing an unrivaled level of visual realism while taxiing around the airport.

The dense population of RealFlora in use at MBS provides a realistic variety of grasses and ground plants across the airport, delivering a very convincing feel of overgrowth at the abandoned section of WW2 runway.

MBS airport sits in a rural expanse of fertile land, surrounded by farms and smallholdings, this scenery perfectly recreates these visually recognizable landmarks in immense detail. Individually modeled farms with grain silo’s, water towers, wind generators and barns surround the airport, providing a huge amount of realism on approach and departure.

MBS International Airport is available now from the Threshold Store or from the Turbulent Designs Website !





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