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Glacier Park KGPI runway textures changing

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Hi there,

I am running KGPI on P3Dv4 and loving it. I love that the runway and airport taxiway textures are weather dependant (i.e. water puddles when raining etc.). I assume that this is achieved through SODE. However I have experienced on a number of occasions runway textures that rapidly change from one type/look/appearance to another and back again within a very short space of time - even seconds. Of course this spoils the "immersion" aspect as the texture completely change their look / appearance while taking off or during final approach. I may be wrong, but it seems that if the rain stops for a few moments, the texture immediately change and when it starts raining again, they change again. Please kindly confirm if what I am seeing / understanding is correct and whether this could be looked into . . . 

Is there any way to possible create some kind of a delay in changing textures if this is the case (e.g. if it has stopped raining for more than 10 or 20  minutes, then change the textures or vice versa?

Alternatively, is it possible to disable the changing runway/taxiway textures?

Thanks and regards, 

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I am having the same issues along with  double textures being loaded which creates double taxi way lines and double runway numbers and everything else on the ground.  Were you able to find a fix for this?


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