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Updates if previously bought at X-Plane.org's Store?

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I bought IDA from the X-Plane's.org store on 5/19/2018. It now appears it's "not for sale"  on the org anymore. I do have an account with Turbulent Designs with my purchase of MBS, but when I go into my TD account it only shows my MBS download option.

How would I go about downloading future updates of IDA? Can I email my proof of purchase of IDA with X-Plane.org Store to someone with Turbulent Designs so I can then see a download option for IDA?


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I would like to add to this discussion as I too purchased KIDA for Xplane.  I flew to this airport today to find out the airport needs an update.  The runways, are now not marked correctly.  Instead of runway 20 it is now runway 21 / 3. The Approach coarse for 21 is now 206, where it was 203.  So there is some minor changes which need taken care off. Especially the localizer.  How would I get the most current localizer for the airport as I believe the scenery plays a part with ILS direction. I also noticed on my final approach there are no landing approaching lights.  Although there is suppose to be. "MALSR 1,400 Foot Medium-intensity Approach Lighting System with runway alighment indicator lights." 



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