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Greg Jones

Major Announcement - Future Platform Support

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Turbulent Designs

Major Announcement

Good afternoon everybody!

This week we’ve been busy working on updates to get Big Bear Airport and Angwin-Parret Field fully P3Dv4 compatible. The results are amazing and we’re sure you’ll agree the addition of dynamic lighting (amongst other things!) is a huge leap forward. The installers for those airports will be going to beta early next week and they’ll be available shortly thereafter.

A week ago, we very proudly released Russ White’s masterpiece, MBS Airport. MBS has been hugely popular and if you haven’t already tried it, we urge you to check it out and see what all the fuss is about! We’ll soon be releasing a small patch which will see the addition of dynamic lighting to all the apron areas as well as some tweaking of the SODE handling. That update will also be in beta next week.

So, what’s the big announcement?

After a flurry of development activity this week, we decided that it is time to review our development process so that we can bring you the very best products at a reasonable price.

In recent times, we’ve seen the arrival of a multitude of new simulator platforms. This is great for us as it opens new possibilities and provides solutions to long-standing problems (see: dynamic lighting!). The downside is that although we now have far more stable platforms to work with and many development issues are resolved; we still need to provide our time-consuming workaround solutions for legacy platforms. We feel that our customers would be better served if we were to allocate that time and effort to new platforms.

Today, we reached the conclusion that, in the interests of our customers (and our sanity), the moment has come to start limiting the number of platforms that we will develop for. I’m currently providing backup support for Russ Linn and Russ White who are working on finishing Idaho Falls Airport. This is the last airport scenery we plan to develop for what are now legacy platforms – these being FSX, FSX-SE, P3D v1, 2.x and 3.x.

The logical platform for us is Prepar3d v4 and that is where our primary focus will be for the time being. We will be developing scenery packages using all the new and exciting tech available to v4 developers and this should result in a high-quality, high-performance product for our customers. The added bonus for us is that it is easier to develop on and support. All of which means a better service to you, our loyal and ever-expanding customer base.

Naturally, we will continue to support and, where necessary, provide development support on the products we’ve already released.

Reducing our workload makes room for yet another big announcement!

We’ve started working on getting our airports into the other big-hitting sim platform, X-Plane 11!! X-Plane is an entirely new dimension for us so bear with us while we find our feet (or wings perhaps!). What we’ve seen of X-Plane 11 so far has been incredibly impressive and demonstrates an entirely new set of development challenges and solutions. We’ll have more news on that over the coming months but rest-assured it’s cooking away in the background and we’re anxious to show you what we’ve produced so far.

Trust us when we say that we realise that these new directions are a big deal and we know that many of you will disagree. We hope that you will support our decision and join us as we all head towards an incredibly bright flight simulation future!

Greg - Turbulent

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