Greg Jones – What are you up to?

Good morning everybody. My name’s Greg Jones and I’m the Technical Director and co-founder of Turbulent Designs.

My main focus at Turbulent is to research and implement new techniques and technologies into our current workflow. I’m also responsible for the acquisition, manipulation and integration of all photoreal imagery, terrain and GIS data both for Flight Simulator and the various ‘real world’ projects we are currently running.

The Turbulent team is rapidly expanding (10 people at the last count!) and this brings with it new challenges. My job is to ensure that our quality remains consistent across all projects and that each team member has the support necessary to deliver a ‘Turbulent quality’ product.

Big Bear City

Big Bear City Airport PR Imagery

Although our primary focus has always been flight simulation, we are now branching out into commercial simulation in the marine, flight and even cabin crew training markets. These projects usually consist of a bespoke criteria for each client and part of my role is to research how these requirements can be met.

Most recently we delivered a ship simulation platform for Lockheed Martin UK. This was built on the Prepar3d platform. LM’s requirement was that the simulation needs to interface with their existing proprietary hardware and software setup. With a lot of research and some clever coding we were able to meet and even exceed their expectations.

At present I’m co-ordinating delivering of a number of projects involving land, sea and air training! This gives me the opportunity to deal with lots of different people and organisations with hugely varying requirements to keep me on my toes.