James Crowther – What are you up to?

I’m James, I’m the design manager at Turbulent Designs. I sort out the company’s branding and media. I also develop airport products with the rest of the team.

The last airport I worked on was 2O3 Angwin-Parrett Field alongside everyone in the team. I developed the buildings and the ground poly. Angwin is quite a small airfield, so extra time could be spent making sure the buildings were as realistic as possible. The end product turned out really well and I’m glad to hear people are enjoying it.

2O3 Angwin Parrett Field

2O3 Angwin Parrett Field

Following Angwin I worked on a huge project for Lockheed Martin UK which included creating scenery for Portsmouth Harbour in the UK. Conveniently for us LMUK have an office just a short walk from our office, and the Portsmouth Harbour waterfront is a 20-minute drive. I went out on a small tour boat to get reference pictures of the harbour, this was the only way to get any photos of the navy base. This project was the equivalent of modelling a large international airport in the space of 3 months. They also required several ship models which were fun to make, and a nice change from buildings. The end result was an accurate representation of the harbour and happy customers.

Portsmouth Harbour

HMNB Portsmouth / Portsmouth Harbour, UK

My current task is to develop a show reel video of our capabilities that will be displayed at a few marine sector trade shows around the world. Being a marine show means it’s focused more on ships and harbours, but we’re planning on showing off our aviation products too. Anyone who has made a video with FSX or P3D will know of the challenges and frustrations of capturing decent footage!

In the past I’ve worked on other FSX/P3D projects including ORBX KFOT Rohnerville and a bit on Friday Harbour and KBLU Blue Canyon. I also worked on Angle of Attacks 777 and 737 training packages.