KGPI Glacier Park International Airport Approaching BETA!

Hey all!

KGPI Glacier Park International Airport is now approaching BETA, so that means it’s time for a screenshot blowout!

As you’re probably aware by now, KGPI is a P3D v4 exclusive. Why? Because focusing on one platform gives us the luxury of pushing the bar further with our visuals.

See for yourself!

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KGPI_Screenshot_01 KGPI_Screenshot_26 KGPI_Screenshot_25 KGPI_Screenshot_24 KGPI_Screenshot_23 KGPI_Screenshot_22 KGPI_Screenshot_21 KGPI_Screenshot_20 KGPI_Screenshot_19 KGPI_Screenshot_18 KGPI_Screenshot_17 KGPI_Screenshot_16 KGPI_Screenshot_15 KGPI_Screenshot_14 KGPI_Screenshot_13 KGPI_Screenshot_12 KGPI_Screenshot_11 KGPI_Screenshot_10 KGPI_Screenshot_09 KGPI_Screenshot_08 KGPI_Screenshot_07 KGPI_Screenshot_06 KGPI_Screenshot_05 KGPI_Screenshot_04 KGPI_Screenshot_03 KGPI_Screenshot_02