TerraFlora Update 1.2.0

We’re excited to announce the first big update for TerraFlora! We have also updated our Turbulent Terminal!

Important: Please make sure that you update the Turbulent Terminal. The latest version can be downloaded from the main page of our website:


You can download the latest TerraFlora installer from your account download page, here:


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Here are all the changes:

TerraFlora 1.2.0

New Features!

– Added multiple variants for Fall colouring. – Most broadleaf species now have at least two colour variants to reduce the ‘solid carpet’ effect. This means that were a single species is annotated, you will now see colour variants of that species. This is only apparent in Fall and is quite subtle.

– Added Red Maples – We had several requests to add missing Red Maples. We’ve added these as a Fall variant (see above) but their placement is quite sparse reflecting the real world as near as we can.

– Acacias reworked: The acacia texture has been completely replaced with a new version and the original canopy plane reinstated.

– Documentation PDF added (by popular demand)


– Adjusted Hard Winter conifers: The HW conifer texture has been adjusted so that the trees appear to be less snow-heavy.

– Conifer colour adjustment: The summer colouring for conifers has been tweaked. The tips of Hemlocks have been darkened slightly to make them blend a bit better but still stand out as a different species. Pine scrub has been made slightly bluer.

– Refined poplar shape: The poplar shape has been refined to make it slightly narrower at the tip.


– Material changes for multiple species to reflect texture changes (above)
– Added canopy poly for acacia (above)
– Corrected relative texture path error – suspected cause of missing trees in FSX and Fatal Errors in multiple sim setups.


– TerraFlora will no longer install SODE.

Turbulent Terminal

– Versioning improved
– Banner added for airport updates
– Minor bug fixes and improvements
– Installer bug fixes and improvements

More updates!

In the next few days we shall be updating all our airports with documentation, installer improvements and minor bug fixes. Stay tuned for when they are released!

TerraFlora 1.2 Hard Winter

TerraFlora 1.2 Hard Winter

TerraFlora 1.2 Fall

TerraFlora 1.2 Fall – Red Maple

TerraFlora 1.2 Hard Winter

TerraFlora 1.2 Hard Winter

TerraFlora 1.2 Kenya

TerraFlora 1.2 Kenya

TerraFlora 1.2 Fall

TerraFlora 1.2 Fall

TerraFlora 1.2 Hard Winter

TerraFlora 1.2 Hard Winter