Commercial Packages

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As a simulation development specialist, Turbulent Designs offers multiple commercial services to meet any simulated training or e-learning project requirements. These services include:

  • Simulation platform and project consultation
  • Digital recreation of real world locations
  • Development of fictional 3D training environments
  • Digital recreation of training subject vehicles
  • In simulation dynamic events
  • In simulation training scenarios
  • Training interaction environment hardware
  • Full Hardware solutions
  • Visual display solutions

Our experience reaches into the aviation, marine and military sectors, but we have the capability to provide solutions for any subject matter.

The Turbulent Designs team can develop for the client’s simulation engine of choice, or offer consultation on an engine that meets the criteria of your project. Our consultation process will analyse your budget and training requirements to calculate the scope of the project.

The software solution includes production of accurate digital training environments and subject vehicle replication to provide an immersive educational platform. The environment development process will focus on the end simulation objective, ensuring consistent immersion and maximised training capability.

During the design process we liaise with your subject matter experts to design bespoke training tools specifically catered to any pedagogical requirements.

Simulation packages

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Simulation software: We provide simulation software requirements discussed during the consultation phase. This can include the simulation platform, simulated 3D recreation of real world environments, fictional training environments, training vehicles, training props and scenarios.

eLearning solution: If your project requirements do not need a full simulation but do require a training solution, our eLearning package can be deployed on multiple training workstations. This will include strategically designed pre-rendered computer based training exercises, that will provide a base level of familiarity for students.

Full simulation + eLearning solution: Students get the best learning experience from simulators but only one student can use a simulator at a time. Combining a simulation solution with our eLearning solution means learning can be available on multiple workstations or online, allowing students to continue learning out of the simulator.

Clients & Partnerships

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